From the board room to the worksite, invest in a leadership mindset at every level.

Why do CEOs of global companies rank leadership development as one of their top five human capital strategies?¹

Strong leaders drive competitive advantage. They’re better positioned to navigate change, attract and retain top talent, and drive higher productivity through increased engagement. Despite the proven benefits, most leaders say they’re not satisfied with their organization’s development offerings. Sound familiar?

Leadership Surge offers comprehensive leadership development programs and training to help your organization address your leadership gap and prepare your team for the future.

¹Source: Global Leadership Forecast 2021


LEADING CHANGE: Change Management Solutions

From improving performance to transforming corporate culture, it all comes down to leaders’ ability to affect change. 

Through individualized coaching, workshops + consulting services, LEADING CHANGE develops leaders who can model and drive change while building a culture of innovation, collaboration and inclusion.

EMPOWER U: The DEI Experience

Shift the mindset of leaders and frontline managers to recruit, welcome and retain the most competent and skilled workforce available. EMPOWER U: The DEI Experience provides the tools to create authentic individual, team and organizational success built to last.

Through DEI-specific assessments, education, activities and ongoing resources, EMPOWER U ensures understanding and adoption of behaviors that champion a culture of inclusion. 

POWER TO LEAD: Frontline Leadership Development

POWER TO LEAD unlocks leadership skills — for work and life — within every frontline team member. Live training, videos and online modules address skills that improve profitability and productivity, reduce absenteeism, and inspire employees to work together toward a common goal. The POWER TO LEAD strengths-based approach to teaching life skills and job readiness, gives your team the tools they need to succeed. 

Construction companies and contractors can’t afford NOT to confront the scarcity of strong leadership skills in their culture: millions of dollars and future contracts are on the line.


Leadership Surge is a growing force in corporate training and development with a particular focus in the construction and subcontracting trade industries.

We deliver high-energy, highly effective services and programs that positively impact corporate culture. From frontline leadership training focusing on effective communication, problem-solving and conflict resolution skills to developing awareness, understanding and proficiencies in diversity, equity and inclusion, our Leadership Surge team will work with you to take leadership to the next level.

Alex Willis — founder and CEO of Leadership Surge, is a dynamic speaker, motivator and innovator of corporate and front-line change management programming. He founded Leadership Surge based on the belief that a great culture is built to last when every member of the team embraces winning values, behaviors and practices. The comprehensive training programs available from Leadership Surge help develop leaders at all levels: from the frontline to the board room.

For the last 15 years, Alex has coached and supported companies and employees throughout the construction sector including the trade industries, sub-contractors and Fortune 500 construction firms. He believes success occurs when the sector’s greatest asset — its people — are empowered to bring their full selves to each project and worksite.

Alex has worked directly with more than 1,500 executives, foreman leaders, and front-line team members embedding the values of diversity and inclusion in every area of the leadership mindset resulting in improved communication, engagement, productivity, creativity and job satisfaction.

Alex Willis

Founder and CEO of Leadership Surge

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